The IRS Only Has A Limited Time
To Collect Your Back Taxes

The IRS’ clock is ticking

  • A professional can determine when the IRS’ time limit to collect taxes runs out.
  • In most cases the IRS has only a limited time to collect the unpaid taxes.
  • You must CAREFULLY evaluate exactly when that time period will run out.

Your troubles may be over

  • If the IRS’ time has run out, or if it will run out soon, your troubles may be over.
  • Delaying tactics may be used to stall the IRS while their time runs out.
  • Once the IRS is out of time, they MUST stop ALL collection action against you.
  • The IRS MUST release all property liens (with very limited exceptions).

This can be a VERY effective solution

  • Let Jeff Fouts, Tax Attorney analyze your case to see if the IRS’ time is about to run out.
  • We’ll determine if this strategy fits your circumstances.

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