It’s never too early to prepare your 2013 income tax returns. The sooner you get your tax documents and paperwork together, the less hassle and stress you’ll face later on. File your taxes early, and you may cut the risk of tax penalties and late fees.

Tax year 2012 is finished, and you should already have files for the items that are important. Get all the documents you need to file your income tax for the current fiscal year. This includes tax-deductible business expenses, charitable contributions, 1099 forms for any work you’ve contracted out, and any other items that might be important for your income tax return.

IRS Filing Deadline for April 15, 2013 Count Down

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Remember, you may get your refunds sooner when you file your income tax early. It’s expensive to file your tax returns late. Keep an eye on the IRS tax filing deadline, and make sure you’re prepared long before April 15th, 2013.

Be safe and file your federal taxes early. You will get more money refunded and avoid the possibility of penaltys and late fees.

Countdown to October. 15th, when your final extension expires for the current tax year

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