Payroll & Employment Taxes

Sometimes businesses can’t pay their bills.

When money is tight, businesses often fail to pay their taxes. These taxes are called “trust” fund taxes. This means that you are holding the money for the government. You are a “Trustee”.

Not only is the business liable, but you are too.

If the business fails to pay the taxes, not only is the business liable, but the owners and officers are often PERSONALLY liable for the business taxes.

The IRS can force a business to shut down which can’t pay its taxes.

The IRS does NOT like it when a business is not paying its taxes. They attempt to move quickly and forcefully. Don’t risk losing your business and your own money. Payroll taxes are an especially sensitive area for the government, and they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Learn how to fix your problem.

Jeff Fouts can help you with employment taxes, and resolve issues such as improper business deductions.

Take action. Doing nothing only makes the problem worse.