How To Find The Right Tax Attorney

We have been Advocating for the rights of clients for over 18 years!

IRS Tax Attorney Jeff Fouts and his staff have been successfully advocating for fair resolutions to tax problems clients have been facing for more than 18 years. With the assistance of his services, you will receive a fair and equitable solution for your situation. The extensive experience Jeff and his team possess provides clients with the convenience of a large national firm, but their dedication to the highest standard of customer service gives clients a personal experience few other law firms can match.

During the course of his successful career, Mr. Fouts has been able to help his clients fight the IRS while removing stress from your daily life.

A Successful Tax Attorney Must

  • Settle back taxes owed for just pennies on the dollar
  • Stop IRS wage garnishments
  • Have penalties and interest forgiven

While the unique circumstances of your situation may affect the final outcome, here are a few actual results attorney Fouts has helped his clients to achieve:

  • Client owed $430,000 and settled for $6,432
  • Client owed $105,000 and settled for $5,148
  • Client owed $50,000 and settled for $8,840

While results like these are not a guarantee for every situation, they are often possible. And, if you have any doubts, feel free to call the Georgia BAR and check attorney Fouts’ good standing. With his extensive experience, attorney Fouts is able to help you in your situation. In order to assist his clients in achieving favorable legal outcomes, attorney Fouts and his legal team engage in a 5-step strategy for combating the IRS:

  • The team gathers all information about your specific case.
  • The team will analyze all available information and determine any potential pitfalls in your case.
  • The team gathers and analyzes all of your financial information.
  • A strategy for your specific situation is developed.
  • The customized strategy for your situation is then implemented.

Using this process, attorney Fouts and his legal team have been able to help clients achieve successful outcomes for years. No case is too complex, and his approach of creating a customized solution for each and every client provides a higher rate of success than many other law firms.

Why else might you want help from a tax attorney?

Tax attorneys are the only types of professionals that have attorney-client privilege, which means they are legally exempt from being forced to testify against you in court. Other professionals, such as CPAs, can be forced to testify against you in court. While other professionals will examine your situation from a single aspect, a skilled and experienced

tax attorney can examine your situation from multiple angles and provide the best possible solution.

Is the IRS too large and powerful to fight?

For individuals who do not know their legal rights and all the legal complexities involved when dealing with the IRS, this definitely is the case. The IRS will also engage in many other tactics such as harassment and intimidation in an attempt to get you to pay without ever going to court. However, finding the assistance of a skilled attorney makes it very possible and realistic to successfully negotiate with the IRS. Attorney Jeff Fouts and his team have been able to help clients overcome significant odds while solving complex tax problems.

Our Tax Attorneys

  • Significantly reduce the amount of taxes owed
  • Successfully file bankruptcy against the IRS
  • Create affordable payment plans

Looking for a successful tax attorney who can help you achieve the results you need quickly is a daunting task. There are hundreds of tax attorneys that show up in a google search result, and it is a big decision to make.

We are honored that you have come to this page on our website and given us a chance to let our law firm represent you against the unforgiving IRS. We face the IRS daily, and this is all we do.

We continuously work to keep one step ahead of them and learn how they approach back tax collection and study their moves to give you a strategic advantage while we negotiage your tax case for you.

If you want to work with a tax attorney that understands what it is like to be facing a massive, dark, threatening enemy alone then then look no further, contact attorney Jeff Fouts and his legal team today for an absolutely free tax consultation to begin removing the IRS from your life.