Below is an Adobe PDF document showing the scanned federal court document where IRS Revenue Officer Willie Wilcox, the same person accused of divulging confidential taxpayer information to at least two people. This action is prohibited and is a federal crime.

The public court document below, which you can see by clicking on the link, is where Mr. Wilcox, in his capacity as a Revenue Officer, which is an IRS field collection officer, was dragging a taxpayer into court in an effort to force the taxpayer to comply with his request that the taxpayer provide the IRS with documents and testimony.

This type of serious court action is usually taken by IRS Revenue Officers in an attempt to enforce an IRS Summons. The Revenue Officer usually issues a Summons against a taxpayer to attempt to accomplish one or two different goals.

It is either an effort to force a taxpayer to divulge their financial information so they can begin seizure of wages, bank accounts or assets. And it can be an effort to force the taxpayer to produce tax related documents so that the taxpayer’s unfiled tax returns can be prepared by the IRS.

Having a field collection officer on your back is not fun. Having a Revenue Officer file a Summons against you is worse. Having a Revenue Officer drag you into U.S. federal court to enforce a Summons is even worse still. Federal judges usually don’t like taxpayers who force the IRS to take this extra step to get information from them.

PDF Document of IRS Court Summons