Don’t expect help to just magically appear. You have to seek it out on your own initiative. If you continue just waiting and not taking action to help yourself, you could be in deep trouble when the IRS does contact you

Plain and simple, the IRS is the collection agency of the federal government. They usually try to make it easy and convenient for you to pay your taxes.

But if you can’t pay what they say you owe them, you need IRS help. Or be ready for a waking nightmare.

IRS Help for Problems You May Not Even Know About

You might already have a statutory lien on your property. This IRS claim on your wealth is automatic and unrecorded. You won’t know about it until the IRS decides to make it public.

If you don’t get IRS help, The IRS might be able to take over your bank accounts and your property, without a trial or a hearing. They can severely hinder your ability to do everyday business. Your checks may start to bounce. Your vendors and suppliers may not want to work with you. You’ll have trouble selling or refinancing your home.

In some cases, the situation might threaten your economic survival.

Every day that you delay, your tax debt grows larger. Get some IRS help, before the interest and penalties add to your tax burden.

If You Think IRS Help is Futile, Here’s What We Can Do for You

Real IRS help is closer than you think. When you hire a tax attorney, you open a world of possibilities. You get the protection of client-attorney privilege. Unlike a CPA or a tax preparer, who by law can be forced to testify against you. When you get IRS help from a tax attorney, everything we discuss is confidential.

  • We may be able to appeal your audit, possibly getting rid of some or all of your tax debt.
  • We can usually buy you extra time to plan.
  • We may be able to set up a full or partial release of your liens.
  • We could arrange a program of monthly payments.
  • You may be able to reduce your tax debt through an Offer in Compromise where you settle for less than you owe and get to pay the settlement amount over time, up to two years, while NO interest and penalties accrue.
  • We can often reduce or eliminate the penalties (penalty abatement) assessed against you.

You can call 1-800-509-2770 or click here for a free consultation. I’ll give you the same quality of IRS help I’ve been providing for 11 years.

She Didn’t Think IRS Help Could Work for Her, Until Her $29,545 Tax Debt Became a $10,652 REFUND.

Larissa C. spent years struggling with the IRS. She suffered severe emotional pressure as she tried to get IRS help from many different representatives. In 2003 the IRS sent her a bill for almost $30,000.

That’s when she decided to seek out my law firm for IRS help. I was able to erase 100% of the tax liability, and she also received a $10,652 refund.

Your acute attention within the past eight months, she told us, was unbelievable I feel like I can start a new life with a new record, since my credit is like my integrity.

Who Wouldn’t Want IRS Help With Their Tax Problems?

You don’t want to face the IRS alone. The tax laws become more complicated every year, and the methods of enforcement are becoming more sophisticated. In fact, the number of yearly tax audits passed one MILLION in 2004.

More and more, we’re becoming a credit-based society and tax problems can really mess up your ability to obtain credit. But you need IRS help for more than just protecting your credit. Your savings, you’re retirement, and sometimes even your livelihood might be at stake.

With the right IRS help, you can get the best possible outcome without breaking the law. Our goal is to reduce your tax debt far more than the cost of the professional tax help. And the peace of mind is priceless.

Is IRS Help Right For You?

Naturally, I can’t guarantee the same results for everyone. Unfortunately, some people look for IRS help as a way to cheat Uncle Sam. They expect extraordinary results, even if they risk getting into bigger trouble later on.

That’s not my way. I offer IRS help to honest, hard-working citizens who deserve a fair treatment from the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re the kind of person who believes in honesty and integrity, and you expect to get the same from the government, then you owe it to yourself to click here or call me at 1-800-509-2770 for a free consultation.

Get the IRS Help You Need

Remember, the IRS doesn’t need a trial or a hearing to start levying or seizing your assets. If you’ve received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, you usually have only days to respond, before the IRS can legally empty out your bank account or force you to sell your stocks, bonds, real estate and other property.

Professional IRS help can prevent you from getting into such hot water. If you’re already in trouble with the IRS, help is on the way.

I’ve provided IRS help to taxpayers like you for over 11 years. Click here or call toll free 1-800-509-2770 for a free, confidential consultation.