Tax Articles And IRS Information

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Articles that affect your personal tax liability

  1. IRS Audits Increase For Self Employed
    Jeff Fouts Quoted In ABC News
  2. The History of the United States Income Tax
    Americans have been paying income taxes since 1913
  3. Jail Time for Tax Evasion
    Find out if you are going to jail
  4. Are Income Taxes Legal?
    Find out why income taxes are constitutionally legal and the IRS rebuttal of frivolous tax arguments
  5. Bill Gates Tax Problems
    IRS can’t deal with huge numbers
  6. How the IRS is Reaching Across International Borders
    If you’re a US citizen but you live overseas, the IRS may be taking a closer look at your personal finances.
  7. IRS Seizure of Assets
    The IRS loves to seize the assets from delinquent taxpayers, take action to protect your personal property from the government.
  8. Tax Refund Notices
    IRS guidelines outlining 10 steps to check your refund
  9. Hiring A Tax Attorney
    What to look for
  10. Auto Mileage Rates Update
    What car travel deductions to expect from the IRS
  11. Solve Your Tax Problems
    Take the steps needed to deal with your tax debt and liabilities
  12. Tax Humor
    The IRS can’t take a joke
  13. Tax Scams
    The IRS cracks down
  14. Credit Counseling
    How to avoid credit repair rip-offs
  15. Information About J.K.Harris
    Publicly available information to answer questions about tax rep firm JK Harris
  16. IRS Quotes
    Humor and insight about the largest US government office
  17. Offer In Compromise Fees
    More tax related expenses
  18. IRS Court Summons
    Example of Revenue Officer taking a taxpayer into federal court
  19. Back Payroll Taxes
    The IRS will do anything to collect money.
  20. Criminal Investigations
    IRS beefs up staff to target tax dodgers.
  21. Abusive Tax Schemes
    Common tax evasion methods admonished by the IRS
  22. Employment Taxes
    How to avoid federal penalties from improper employee tax withholding
  23. Have Not Filed All Tax Returns
    Tips on how non filers can safely make amends with the federal government
  24. IRS Collection Tools
    The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world
  25. Criminal Investigation Division
    Thousands of federal agents secretly investigating tax code violators
  26. Irwin Schiff Charged with Tax Evasion
    Federal jury indicts famous anti tax author for defrauding the US government
  27. IRS Advisers Incorrectly Answer Common Tax Questions
    Government sponsored tax help centers 28% incorrect
  28. Working with a Licensed, Tax Professional
    How to work with a tax attorney to maximize your benefit
  29. Social Security Levy Benefits
    Prevent having your Social Security benefits reduced
  30. Respect for Our Clients
    Law office provides true customer service
  31. Millions in Refund and Tax Checks Returned to IRS
    Taxpayers with incorrect addresses miss tax refunds
  32. 10 Deadly Sins
    Termination of Employment for Misconduct for IRS employees
  33. IRS Warns of “Corporation Sole” Tax Scam
    A tax scheme based on a religious loophole is gaining in popularity
  34. Ex IRS Man Declares Himself Tax Exempt
    An ex IRS agent tries to explain why not paying income tax is legal
  35. IRS Mainframe Upgrade Debacle
    Read about the latest failure of the IRS to upgrade its computer systems
  36. Federal Court Blocks Internet Tax Scam
    Georgia Man Allegedly Sold A Tax Buster Scheme to Customers in 41 States
  37. Warning: Don’t Put Off Dealing With Your IRS Problem!
    Having an IRS problem is a never-ending nightmare
  38. Will You Ever Have a Life?
    You’re fortunate enough to be living at a time when the “tax settlement” program
  39. IRS’s Nonfiler Enforcement Program
    In the eyes of the IRS, taxpayers who fail to file income tax returns and therefore stop paying income tax, pose a serious threat to tax administration and the American economy
  40. IRS to Now Allow Partial Payment Option
    The IRS implemented an additional payment option, on January 17, 2005, known as the Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA) for taxpayers who have outstanding federal tax liabilities
  41. Avoiding Audits – A Word to the Wise
    Receiving an envelope from the IRS would make any taxpayer’s heart skip a beat….
  42. IRS Employment Tax Enforcement
    Employers are required by law to withhold employment taxes from their employees.
  43. If You Have Unpaid Taxes The IRS is Hunting for You!
    People who owe the IRS back taxes or have unfiled tax returns you should be getting very worried about now.
  44. IRS Pushing Hard To Hasten The Audit Process
    With over 220 million business and personal tax returns filed every year and only about 30,000 tax auditors, the IRS is badly outnumbered
  45. Taxpayer Rights Before IRS Seizure of Assets
    The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the United States.
  46. Significant Employment Tax Evasion Cases
    The following case summaries are excerpts from public record documents on file in the court records in the judicial district in which the cases were prosecuted.
  47. Significant Case Summaries
    The IRS states that they are excerpts from public record documents on file in the court records in the judicial district in which the cases were prosecuted
  48. Tax Liens
    A Tax Lien is Settled in Two Ways : You Get Eaten, or You Get Out
  49. IRS Tax Liens
    IRS Tax Liens and Levies: The Tax Collectors Strongest Weapons
  50. Back Taxes 
    Back Taxes are More Serious than You Think, and More Manageable than You Thought
  51. IRS Help
    Do You Need Someone to Help You With Your IRS Tax Problem?
  52. IRS Problem 
    Are You Facing IRS problems?
  53. Tax Resolution
    Either the IRS or You
  54. GAO: IRS Needs to Make Compliance Strategy Clearer
    A recent report from Government Accountability Office says that the Internal Revenue Service needs to establish a more “results-oriented approach” to reducing the tax gap
  55. Senate To Curtail De Facto Tax Amnesty
    Expect Lawmakers to Aid IRS in Heavy-handed Tax Collection
  56. Tax Protest Organizer Lynne Meredith
    Judge Calls Her Tax Theories “Delusional”
  57. Alert Congress Clarifies Rules On Installment Agreements
    New Rules Allows you to make partial payment of Tax
  58. IRS Improves Enforcement
    When IRS Commissioner Mark Everson came on board as head of the IRS almost three years ago, he said he had three goals for the IRS
  59. Know Your Rights in Tax Audits
    Treasury Report Shows IRS Not Telling Full Story
  60. IRS Still Can’t Get It Right
    A recent Treasury study shows that the IRS’s Customer Account Services, still cannot find their way clear to giving correct advice to citizens when they call the IRS for help.
    Things You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble
  62. Justice Department Sues To Halt Alleged Internet Tax Scam
    Georgia Man Allegedly Sold Fraudulent Tax Schemes to Customers in 41 States
  63. Enforcement Revenue Reaches Record in 2004
    Excerpts from prepared Remarks of IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson
  64. Employment Taxes and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)
    Employers be careful and be sure to follow the law to collect and pay trust fund taxes as required by law.
  65. How to Challenge Tax Audit Decisions
    What every citizen Needs to Know About a Notice of Deficiency
  66. Family Limited Partnership
    Non standard business entities raise audit chances
  67. IRS Stops Freezing Refunds
    A bit of tax relief
  68. Going Bankrupt Against the IRS
    When to restart your financial record
  69. IRS Lien
    Get liens removed before selling real estate
  70. What to Do When the IRS Comes After You
    There are a number of tactics you can use to protect what’s rightfully yours
  71.  How an accountant defeated the IRS
    Charles Ulrich is winning in court against the IRS, and it’s possible that tens of thousands of taxpayers may be able to get income tax refunds from the IRS.
  72.  Don’t Worry – The Other Guy is Paying the Bill
    A look at the effects proposed new government entitlement programs will have on American taxpayers.
  73. US House of Representatives Salaries
    Budget for individual United States Congressmen & Congresswomen

State Tax Charts

  1. State Tax Amnesty Programs
    See which states have recently offered tax amnesty for non filers and are providing an opportuity to pay back taxes with no penalties.
  2. 2002 State Tax Revenue
    Amount states collected from individuals ranked as percentage of personal income.
  3. State Taxes Collected
    2002 individual taxes paid.
  4. State Tax Rates
    Find out what other folks pay for their state income taxes.
  5. State Tax Offices
    Comprehensive listings of state comptroller websites.