Our 5-Step Plan to Solving Tax Problems

There are five steps in solving a tax problem. These are the things we do for you:

  1. We gather complete information from you about your tax problem and analyze it.
    • We must make sure we fully understand your tax problem.
    • We need to understand the history of what caused the problem, and what it looks like today.
    • In order to help you with the best solution we need to make sure we have an accurate understanding your tax problem itself.
    • The staff person who is assigned to your case will call you and introduce themselves and go over your case details with you.
  2. We gather information from the IRS and analyze it.
    • We want to make sure we know ALL the information the IRS has on you.
    • We make sure that there are NO surprises the IRS can use to snake bite you.
  3. We gather financial information from you and analyze it.
    • We must have a complete understanding of your financial picture.
    • What you earn, either in your business or personal life,
    • We believe two or three heads are better than one, that’s why we use a team approach. In addition to Jeff, who is an experienced tax attorney, we have a team of tax professional who include experienced tax accountants and Enrolled Agents.
  4. We then develop a custom strategy for your individual situation.
    • We do not use a cookie-cutter approach. We develop your custom strategy by doing an in-depth review of both your tax problem and your financial information.
    • That’s where our experience really pays off because we attempt to find the best option for you.
    • After we analyze your case and develop a strategy we schedule a phone conference with you so we can go over in detail the strategy which we think is best for you so you will understand what your options are and why we are recommending one option over another option.
    • Our goal is to reduce your taxes to as low a number as legally possible.
    • Jeff has specialized in tax defense for the last 13 years.
  5. We then implement the custom strategy we have developed for you.
    • We may use one option or we may use two options together.

Dealing with the IRS can be very intimidating.

  • Believe it or not the IRS may not tell you what all your options are.
  • Never forget what their job is – to collect your money.
  • Remember, we work for you, NOT The IRS.
  • We do the talking to the IRS so you don’t have to.
  • We stand in between you and the IRS so you don’t personally have to deal with the IRS.
  • Let us help you work toward solving your IRS problem.