A Personal Touch…

We believe that a tax law firm should have contact with its clients. Tax attorney Jeff Fouts and the staff at the Fouts Law Firm, are geared to deliver high-level service to individuals and businesses. We use an informal team approach so that each client’s case is ultimately reviewed by several licensed professionals. Our staff members setup and develop your case with the goal of creating a customized tax solution suitable for your unique set of facts and circumstances. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach. A dedicated staff member is assigned to each client and serves as the primary point of contact throughout the relationship. This personalized approach allows clients to reap the benefits of the Fouts Law Firms’ overall philosophy of service while meeting specific goals in moving your case forward in a timely manner.


Jeff and his staff are committed to keeping clients well informed about their cases. We may educate clients through verbal or written communications. The Firm endeavors to keep clients informed of everything from requests for financial information and documents to major strategic decisions that need to be made.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology is an integrated part of the Law Firms services and an essential component in delivering value to clients. The Fouts Law Firm utilizes state of the art, superior technology to:

  • Increase efficiency,
  • Enhance our team-driven approach to case management,
  • Better communicate with clients.


We know that having a tax problem is emotionally draining for you. Our goal is to help you deal with your tax problem as painlessly as possible so you can get on living the rest of your life.