Our Firms’ Philosophy

Having a tax problem doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person.

Good people sometimes made bad tax decisions. And sometimes bad things happen even if you make good tax decisions.

Having a tax problem can crush you and leave you feeling emotionally drained. We don’t think you should have to live like that way forever.

The IRS may kick you while you’re down, but we don’t think they should. We believe in second chances.

We strongly believe in your legal right to hire an experienced, licensed tax attorney.

The IRS has its own attorneys and collection enforcers whose job is to hunt you down and collect taxes. We believe you need an experienced, licensed, tax attorney on your side who knows how the IRS operates.

The IRS is the largest collection agency in the entire world. We believe its foolish for you to “go it alone” against the IRS.

It may sound corny and old fashioned, but we like to win. We believe we should try hard to win.