Law Firm Staff Member Profiles

Jeff Fouts, Attorney at Law

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Robin Tresslar

Robin serves in the firm’s tax defense and tax preparation areas. For years she has assisted with clients who have severe financial difficulties. She has also assisted in tax bankruptcies against the IRS.

Robin is a naturally inquisitive person who likes to learn new things. She has earned an A.S. degree in Applied Accounting.

Natasha L. Harwood, CPA

  • Prepares federal and state tax returns
  • Analyzes:
    • income and expenses statements
    • assets and debt statements
  • Reviews tax returns to help save on tax
  • Handles IRS audits of clients


  • State University of West Georgia, B.A. in Accounting


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1997

Laura Fouts

Jeff’s wife Laura serves in the law firm’s accounting department. She is the law firm’s internal bookkeeper, accounts payable and payroll coordinator. She performs vital functions that don’t often get noticed. She holds a degree from Dalton State College. Laura likes to read the Bible and loves ladies Bible studies.