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Do I qualify to settle my tax problem for Pennies on the Dollar owed?

A large number of taxpayers with IRS debt qualify to have their tax debts reduced for just a fraction of the amount owed.

Since the IRS is so powerful, is it really possible to fight them?

True tax professionals who know, and use, all the options that a taxpayer may have, can be very successful in eliminating or reducing tax debt. Remember, the IRS does not want you to be represented or have any third party help or legal counsel. They want you to be unprotected, like a sheep going to the slaughter.

Can I stop the IRS once they have begun garnishing my wages or bank accounts?

In nearly all cases we have been able to have wage garnishments (levies) released.

Can’t I just have my C.P.A. or tax preparer help me instead of a tax attorney?

  • IMPORTANT – only with an Attorney do you have the important Attorney-Client privilege which makes an attorney legally exempt from being forced to testify against you should the IRS prosecute you criminally. This means that your conversations with your tax attorney are confidential.
  • ONLY ATTORNEYS (not CPA’s) are exempt from having to repeat to the IRS what you’ve told them.
  • WARNING – Your CPA or tax preparer CAN be forced to testify against you in a criminal court.

I haven’t filed tax returns for many years, should I file my old tax returns?

With our guidance, our clients are able to deal with these old tax returns and tax debts and get on with their lives. Not taking action is the worst thing you can do.

Will I know what ALL my options are?

Yes. Not all of the available options are right for everyone. Real professionals don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to force a single solution on every case. Some IRS Offer in Compromise “mills” do just that. While an Offer in Compromise is an excellent option, it doesn’t fit every case. Any strategy, or combination of strategies, if they don’t fit your case, can cause more harm than good, and cost you unnecessary expenses to boot. Just as in medicine, the wrong prescription can make you even sicker.

I don’t have any money to pay the IRS?

GREAT! We can use that fact to help convince the IRS to cut us a sweet-heart deal.

How much longer can the IRS legally pursue me to collect my tax debt?

Once we evaluate your case we can tell you how much time the IRS has remaining to collect your taxes.

I just got an IRS letter – what should I do?

It depends on which letter or notice you received. Each letter requires a different response depending on which strategies we are using in your particular case. The sooner you contact a tax attorney the better.

Is it really possible to bankrupt against the IRS?

Yes, but only a tax attorney can advise you about tax bankruptcy.

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