About Jeff Fouts Tax Attorney

jeff fouts tax attorneyMr. Fouts has successfully:

  • Settled back taxes for Pennies on the Dollar owed
  • Stopped IRS wage and bank levies (garnishments)
  • Had property liens lifted
  • Gotten affordable installment agreements
  • Filed bankruptcy against the IRS
  • Had penalties and interest forgiven
  • Reduced taxes by running out the IRS’ time to collect

IRS Tax attorney Jeff Fouts is licensed to help IRS taxpayers located ANYWHERE in the United States.

Media References

Mr. Fouts has been quoted on the topics of not paying taxes and not filing tax returns.

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USA Today, April 14, 2006, page 3A
“War on tax waged against cost of war” about tax “resisters” who refuse to pay taxes in protest to war in Iraq. Tax protestors are not looked upon favorably by the IRS and it is important to have good representation if you have a history of not filing income taxes.

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