About Jeff Fouts

I might be the best tax attorney to represent you – you decide.

Hi, my name is Jeff Fouts and I’m a Tax Attorney.

You’ve probably never had to face off with the IRS before. And you’re worried about what could happen. I don’t blame you. You’re smart enough to know you might not want to tackle the IRS on your own. If you think you own more than $20,000 to the IRS in back taxes or have an audit, levy or payroll tax problem, your case should probably be handled by an experienced tax attorney. As your champion with the IRS, I can — and will — help you. As an attorney I can offer you the safety and confidentiality of attorney-client privilege, along with two decades of experience in dealing with the IRS.

My background and qualifications

I’m a Georgia-based tax attorney. Tax law is the only law I practice. That means I spend 100% of my time helping people like you with their IRS debt and tax problems (I can also handle Georgia state Tax issues).

I’m not allowed (by law) to promise a specific outcome for your case (although further down I do show some sample case results). What I can tell you is this:

  • Over the last 20+ years I’ve defended some 3,000 tax clients in all 50 states.
  • I’ve helped US citizens in over 28 foreign countries.
  • The IRS trusts me and my staff to submit a solid case.
  • I’ve worked hard to earn their respect and my reputation with the IRS is a big advantage for my clients.
  • My firm is big enough to handle any size tax problem and small enough that I can personally work with every client.

My commitment to you

  • I’ll build you the best case I possibly can based on your situation and goals
  • I’ll offer you a fair price

My fees are fair

I’m known for providing excellent value (although my fees aren’t the lowest). My small town location and cost of living allow me to charge a rate that is typically $150 per hour less than a similarly experienced attorney in a large U.S. city.

I work very hard to make sure you feel my service is worth every penny. I’m confident I will give you the best value by far of any tax attorney you can find.

The reason I’m a tax attorney

I get inspired daily by people like Edith and Jerry G. Their situation is unique to them, but our experience together is very typical. I love helping clients climb out from under a rock.

“I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the long hours you put in to get us a settlement. (Its) not funny owing over $105,000 in back taxes. I had no idea what to do – I couldn’t eat or sleep… I needed help. My son told me to call you, and I’m so glad I did.With a lot of hard work and hours on our taxes – you did it. I could hardly believe my eyes, but there it was – in black and white. We now owe so little. Mr. Fouts, what can I do or say to let you know how much we appreciate you?” (This client, an older, disabled lady, later sent my office an extra $50 and requested that my staff and I have lunch on her.)
Edith and Jerry G.

Some examples of the IRS tax cases I work on:

  • Negotiate a lower tax bill with the IRS
  • Reduce or even eliminate back taxes
  • Negotiate affordable IRS payment plans
  • Prevent or remove an IRS levy
  • Prevent or remove wage garnishments
  • Prevent or minimize IRS collection action on
    • income taxes
    • payroll taxes
    • sales and use taxes
    • small tax debt (up to $7 million+)
  • Get clients current and compliant with the IRS
  • Remove IRS fees (penalty abatement)
  • Handle complex tax problems or ‘big’ tax problems
  • Handle individual cases
  • Fix small business tax problems*

*Note:  the growth of freelancing (especially on the internet) has driven the IRS to more aggressively target small business owners/sole practitioners.

Here are my credentials

  • BBB Rating A+
  • Admitted to the State Bar of Georgia, 1993
  • Graduate of University of Georgia
  • Member in good standing, Atlanta Bar Association
  • Admitted to practice
    • U.S. Tax Court
    • U.S. Supreme Court
    • U.S. District Court
    • U.S. Bankruptcy Court
    • Supreme Court of the State of Georgia
    • Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia

Some representative results I’ve achieved

(there are many more on my website https://www.taxhelpattorney.com/tax-settlements/)


Client Owed

$ Settled For

% Settled For

William & Diane D.




John & Margaret A.




Donald G.




Lisa D.




To be honest, I’ve got more impressive examples than this. But many clients have told me they don’t believe any of the ‘best case’ examples they read online so I typically don’t publicize them.

What does all this mean for me, you ask?

Your skepticism is warranted. There are shady characters in every walk of life. Where money is involved, you simply can’t be too careful about who you hire. Just because a business comes up on a Google search doesn’t mean the firm is qualified or honest. We work hard to earn our reputation and our clients’ respect.

Confronting your tax problem the right way

You may have guessed that dealing with an IRS tax case isn’t a whole lot of fun. I can confirm that! But the only way out is through, as they say.

You can’t get on with your life if you ignore the problem. It simply will not go away on its own.

You can’t get the peace of mind or relief you deserve without the right person representing you. This is not a small decision.

I can’t think of a single client who hasn’t struggled mightily with the fear of confronting their tax problem.

But every single one is relieved — incredibly relieved — to put it behind them. Can you imagine hearing the words “Case CLOSED”? I can. I get my clients to the IRS finish line. That’s the good news. Oh, and there’s the part where you may end up owing less than you think. That seems to rate pretty highly on my clients’ “good news” scale, too.

It feels good to reclaim your life

Even when I’m not completely satisfied with the result of a case, my clients are thrilled. They thank me for getting the IRS off their back. They tell me they can sleep better, even live better. I know it’s easy to let fear get the best of you. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and stuck in inaction. But it’s much better to find a capable, expert tax partner (me) to slay that mean old IRS dragon. I promise I will do everything in my power to get the IRS off your back for good.

I appreciate you taking the time to hear about my practice. I hope you’ll call my assistant  today, to give us the specifics of your case and get all your questions answered.

Looking forward to serving you

I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to help you. I hope I’ve given you the confidence to take action and convinced you to choose me to solve your IRS tax problem.

Schedule a date. Let’s get your case underway!

With warm regards,

Jeffrey I. Fouts, Esq.

Personal Bio:

You might like to know a little more about me since working with me means you’ll be entrusting me with a sensitive matter. I’m happily married with two kids. I live with my family in a small town called Ellijay, Georgia (pop. 1,584). My family has been in the area since 1860 – I’m not going anywhere. I’m an avid reader and very active in my church and family life. I’m a Boy Scout Den Leader and love going camping with our Pack. I’m a student of life and explore spirituality, economics, small business, entrepreneurship, psychology and online marketing (to name a few). A perfect Saturday is hopping in the car with my family and driving to Chattanooga to trade in some books at McKay Used Books.

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