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IRS revenue officers have absolute power

Revenue officers have absolute power within the law to collect any taxes you currently owe.

IRS revenue officers are the skilled and experienced members of the IRS collection force. About 6,000 operate across the United States, and each is assigned to a specific geographic location.

Revenue officers have absolute power within the law to collect any taxes you currently owe, but have failed or refused to pay. Among other things, they can:

  • Make phone calls
  • Visit you at home or work
  • Issue levies on your income or bank account
  • Send you mandatory summons
  • Seize your valuable property
  • Help you set up an affordable payment plan
  • Place you in a protected status such as Currently Not Collectible Status

When are you assigned an IRS revenue officer?

You may attract the attention of the IRS and they will assign you a revenue officer if:

  • The IRS cannot collect your taxes via notices, levies, liens, or phone calls.
  • You have a history of not paying your full tax liability
  • You fail to pay certain taxes
  • Your tax liability is very high

What Should You do if a Revenue Officer Contacts You?

Revenue officers are assigned specific caseloads and have substantially more power available to force you to pay off your tax liability.

If contacted by a revenue officer, here are some options you have:

  1. Keep in mind revenue officers are skilled at what they do, and they may not always do the fair or right thing. Instead of speaking with the revenue officer, speak with a tax attorney who can help you navigate the situation more successfully than you can on your own. Only an attorney can offer you the protection and privacy of attorney-client privilege.
  2. Contact the IRS call center and make sure you filed all necessary tax forms.  Request the total amount you owe, including penalties and interest.  You may be able to simply pay off your tax liability right away.
  3. File all tax returns you may have accidentally left out. Be sure to pay the total balance on your return, and who knows, you may receive a refund large enough to pay part or all of the past tax liability you owe.

If you still have a tax liability after taking those steps, gather your pay stubs and bank statements from the past three months, complete IRS Form 433 F (which helps you determine if you can pay your taxes in full), and call your revenue officer.

If you or your attorney is able to speak with your revenue officer, he or she will help you determine how much your current financial situation allows you to pay.  If your current tax liability is unaffordable, you will be placed in Currently Not Collectible status, which protects you from any further IRS collection actions.

If you are already subject to IRS collection actions, you can request for them to be released.

If You Don’t Know What to do, Ask for Help!

Fighting the IRS on your own is possible, but it’s difficult and time-consuming. If you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation, ask Mr. Fouts for help. Mr. Fouts has practiced tax law for 19 years and during that time has handled over 3,000 cases in all 50 states. Mr. Fouts operates his tax law practice from a small town where expenses are low — this allows him to offer you hourly rates 35-50% lower than a similarly experienced attorney in a major U.S. city.

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2 Responses to What are IRS Revenue Officers and How do They Affect You?

  1. Conservative Libertarian says:

    IRS Revenue Officers are the current Tax Collection Police and we have faced them in real life.

  2. Kelly says:

    It is always difficult to find qualified individuals to fight the IRS, you sound like you are aware of exactly what you are writing about.

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