You Can’t Get Blood Out Of A Turnip!

The IRS has certain individuals they cannot collect taxes from. Jeff Fouts can help you determine if you are in the not collectible category.

“Not Collectible” Status

  • It’s a fact – you can’t get blood out of a turnip.
  • Even the IRS knows it and accepts that fact.
  • If the IRS determines that you are “Not Collectible”, they MUST IMMEDIATELY stop any wage or bank levies (garnishments) against you.

You may be eligible for relief TODAY

  • In order for you to be considered “Not Collectible” by the IRS, you must meet certain guidelines.
  • If you meet these guidelines, you could be in a VERY good position to get rid of your tax debts once and for all!

You must be very careful

  • You should hire a professional with knowledge of the IRS’ procedures.
  • Why? Because the key is to determine the least amount that the IRS will accept from you.
  • Let a tax professional prepare the documents for you – quickly and affordable.
  • If your financial information is not submitted correctly, you will be forced to pay more than necessary.

See if you qualify to be declared “Uncollectible” and call Jeff Fouts today.

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