Sentenced By Federal Judge 
Judge Calls Her Tax TheoriesDelusional

Lynn Meredith was a prominent “untax” promoter during most of the 1990s. She wrote several books and conducted seminars advocating the non-filing is voluntary and no law requires U.S. citizens to pay federal income taxes.

Meredith also sold trust packages for thousands of dollars. She falsely assured buyers that her trust would shield their assets and income from the IRS while at the same time, allowing the individual to retain complete control over all assets. This is a common claim by tax protesters selling trusts. The claim is, of course, flat not true.

In July 1998, Meredith’s home and offices were raided by the IRS. That kicked off an extensive criminal investigation eventually leading to charges for numerous violations of the criminal tax laws.  She was later arrested and on May 3, 2004, after a thirteen-week trial, she and other associated with her were found guilty.  Meredith was convicted of mail fraud, conspiracy, failing to file tax returns, and using a false social security number.

She was immediately taken into custody after the trial.  In October 2004, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to release her pending sentencing and appeal.  Finally, on June 7, 2005, more than one year after her conviction, the trail court in California passed sentence on Meredith and the others with whom she worked.

Worst-Case Scenario For Protest Theorist

Ms. Meredith has probably laughed at the prospect of ever going to prison from tax fraud.  As she sits in prison I’m sure she’s not laughing now.


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