Taxpayers’ Assistance Personnel Not Following Manuals

A recent Treasury study shows that the IRS’s Customer Account Services, the people who answer taxpayers’ questions, still cannot find their way clear to giving correct advice to citizens when they call the IRS for help. The study revealed that accurate answers to tax law questions were given only about 62 percent of the time.

How big a problem is this? In this filing season about 80 million taxpayers will either pone or walk into an IRS office seeking help with tax law questions.

Even worse, the study showed that the key reason for the high error rate is not so much that IRS personal don=t know what they’re talking about. It’s that they=re not following the procedures developed by the IRS to ensure that correct answers are given. The Treasury estimates that if the proper procedures were followed, the accuracy rate would by more like 97 percent.

I guess we can conclude from this that the IRS’s Customer Account Services people just don’t care about the so-called “customers” they are servicing.

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