One of the most visible tax organizations in the nation was sued in 2004 by the United States department of Justice. As a result of the suit, National Audit Defense Network (NADN) and its operatives, Daniel E. Porter, Robert D. Goetsch, Joseph M. Prokop, Michelle M. Hernandez, ADA Adventure, Inc., and Free Trade Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Oryan Management and Financial Services, were ordered by the federal court in Nevada to stop “organizing, promoting, or selling” its fraudulent tax reduction schemes, known as the Mallforall, Shopn2000 and its TaxBreak2000 website program. The court also ordered NADN to stop promoting “any arrangements that facilitate or advocate noncompliance with the income tax laws evasion or misrepresent the tax savings realized by using the arrangements.”

The National Audit Defense Network sold these programs for thousands of dollars on the pretense that you could obtain substantial business deductions and credits merely by “buying into” the programs, without the need of actually operating a business. The IRS takes the position that these programs facilitate the filing of false tax returns by the citizens who subscribe to them. Not only has the NADN been shut down but the IRS is in the process of systematically contacting every citizen who utilized the scams.

The IRS also sued and obtained an injunction against Harry F. Anderson, of Texas. Operating under the Tax Toolbox, Anderson hosted websites, presented seminars and used other promotional strategies to market a program advocating that “federal income taxes can be legally reduced or eliminated by creating home-based businesses which lack any profit objective and whose sole purpose is to evade taxes. “The IRS is likewise pursing all the Tax Toolbox clients.

In the same vein, the IRS has obtained an injunction against James A. Mattatall, of southern California. Mattatall sold a package of business and personal family trust and advised clients “to claim unallowable federal tax benefits” in connection with those trust. Mattatall was also ordered to give up his client lists to the IRS to allow the agency to follow up with audits of all his customers.

If you or anybody you know was involved with the programs sponsored by NADN, the Tax toolbox or James Mattatall, you should contact my office so we can guide you through the process of getting straight with the IRS.

If you’re ever solicited to buy into any kind of tax program that’s indented to reduce or eliminate your taxes, you should carefully evaluate and research the claims made by the promoters. Usually, the claims are false. I can help you with the evaluation.

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