Maybe you’ve been receiving the dreaded 500-series letters from the IRS. Perhaps they’ve called you, maybe even more than once. If things are really bad, an IRS agent may have paid a visit to your home or your work.

Whatever the situation, you need to do something about your IRS problem. Unless you take charge and fix things, your IRS problems will only get worse.

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Are Your IRS Problems the Result of an IRS Dragnet?

Maybe you’ve been able to avoid or ignore IRS problems in the past. But over the last year the IRS has instituted a manhunt to catch non-payers.

Instead of the usual 2% annual budget increase, in 2004 the IRS got a whopping 12% increase. They intend to hire 5,000 additional employees, including 500 law enforcement division personnel.

The number of yearly IRS audits topped the one MILLION mark in 2004, and it is increasing each year. How soon will it be before you get swept up in the dragnet, and develop IRS problems of your own?

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He Thought His IRS Problem Was Beyond Hope, Until We Erased $12,250 of Tax Debt

John A, a business owner, was dealing with an IRS problem when he came to us with what he called a tremendous burden. The IRS claimed that he owed $32,500, and his IRS problem was causing him extreme tension and fear.

We quickly discovered we could settle his IRS problem for considerably less. In the end, we negotiated a $20,000 settlement and his IRS problem was solved.

I can’t promise that we’ll solve your IRS problem as well and as quickly as we did for John. Your situation is unique. But I can tell you that after dealing with IRS problems for 11 years, here’s what you can expect:

  • We know every legal avenue you can take, and we’ll explore them all
  • We can handle all the paperwork a lot faster and more effectively than you could on your own.
  • While a tax preparer or even a CPA can be forced to testify against you in court, our confidentiality is guaranteed by client-attorney privilege
  • If your IRS problem is the result of an IRS mistake or oversight, we’ll get to the bottom of it and correct this IRS problem
  • The tax savings on virtually every case are greater than the attorney fees
  • We are legal and ethical: None of my clients have ever had to serve jail time for their tax problems

Who else Wants Their IRS problem to go away?

In 11 years, we’ve helped hundreds of American taxpayers confront their IRS problems. I’ve saved my clients a total of over $1,000,000 in this time.

But it’s not just about the money. IRS problems affect every aspect of your life. Stress is an immediate and powerful result of IRS problems. Then there could be real logistical issues if your IRS problem gets to the stage where they’ve hurt your credit or they’re taking control of your assets. In the worse case scenario, you may lose control of your finances and literally be unable to pay your bills, live your life, and run your business.

Let me help you like I’ve helped the others. If you’ve got IRS problems, call me at 1-800-509-2770 or click here. We’ll set up a free consultation and see what we can do about your IRS problems.

How to Avoid IRS Problems

If you have an IRS problem, it essentially means the IRS believes you owe more tax than you have paid. There are many layers of defense against the IRS, and the key is to be careful and proactive.

First of all, keep accurate records. The more expenses and deductions you can prove, the easier it will be to dispute the IRS claims later on. Don’t wait for an IRS problem, have everything on the books ahead of time.

File tax returns neatly and on time. Some studies show that sloppy tax returns are more likely to become the subject of an audit. In fact, if your taxes were clearly prepared by a tax professional, this alone may reduce the likelihood that the IRS will audit you.

By filing on time, you remain compliant with the tax code and may reduce the seriousness of IRS problems that may come up in the future.

If you have an IRS problem, get the help of a professional. The two most common mistakes people make when dealing directly with the IRS are 1) creating IRS problems by appearing uncooperative and 2) cooperating too much, and divulging more information than necessary. This is human nature. The first reaction is based on anger, and the second is based on fear. It’s normal to experience both of these emotions when you’re dealing with the IRS.

If you do everything you can to remain compliant and you still get into trouble, please call me. There are a lot of powerful, legal techniques to put an end to your IRS problems.

The Secret to Getting Out of IRS Problems

Nobody wants problems with the IRS. They’re a vicious circle, and once they begin it’s hard to get out. IRS problems lead to stress and financial difficulties. These in turn affect your ability to take care of the situation, and your IRS problems get worse.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Offer-in-Compromise. We can often get the IRS to accept a payment that is less than the original amount that was claimed. This is one of my most successful remedies for IRS problems
  • Bankruptcy. This is a complex and subtle method, and it may not always clear you of your tax debt. However, if your particular IRS problem merits bankruptcy protection, we can do that for you
  • We can formally delay or slow down your case through many different means.
  • Installments. It is often very easy to break your tax debt into multiple payments, even sometimes stretching these payments out over the course of years. In some situations, we may even be able to reduce or erase any penalties or interest that would have applied
  • Penalty Abatement. Pure and simple, if the IRS has added penalties to your tax bill, we may be able to get rid of them for you.

Can your IRS problems be solved without an attorney?

In some cases you may be able to get by with a CPA or a few helpful books. However, you should get the help of a tax attorney if any of the following tax problems affect you:

  • You’re facing criminal charges
  • You’ve received a Notice of Federal Lien
  • The IRS mentions anything about fraud, or talks about levies or other enforced compliance

Remember, only a tax attorney can offer you constitutionally protected confidentiality. Anything you say to an accountant or tax preparer could be used against you.

It doesn’t matter how your IRS problem started. It’s time to end it.

Every IRS problem starts with a breakdown in communication.

You make a mistake when you file your taxes. The IRS makes a mistake when they review your tax return. Then come the phone calls, the polite letters that gradually become more threatening, and the officials who may change what they say from day to day.

It doesn’t matter how your IRS problem began, you need to take care of it. As soon as you owe the IRS and they think you’re not going to pay, they have an automatic claim on any assets you own. This is called a statutory lien, and it is the beginning of a serious IRS problem.

If you don’t take care of your IRS problem, you might get a Notice of Federal Lien letter. At this point your IRS problem has grown into a serious threat. The IRS may take control of your bank account, your investments, and any property you own. They could garnish your wages or levy the accounts receivable from your business.

An IRS problem might turn into a serious cash flow problem, with the added danger of possible imprisonment in extreme cases.

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