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Dear President Obama,

Your election to the highest office in the land was a loud call from some American voters that they wanted you in office. And those who didn’t vote for you? Well, you’re their President, too. As you recognized at your inauguration, we live in challenging times.

I’m not here to talk about wars or the economy or the work you have to do in representing the millions of people who did, and who did not, elect you to office.

I’m writing this letter to remind you that the White House is not your house. It is my house… and the house of the millions of other taxpaying Americans who live in our great nation.

In other words, the work you do and the decisions you make should always be guided by remembering the people on whose backs this nation is funded. You should follow the Constitution, and not do anything that contradicts it.

As a fellow American, representing other Americans, I write to you requesting the following considerations:

  • Don’t be drawn into Washington’s bad habits of spending millions of dollars without fully realizing that each and every one of those dollars came out of a taxpayer’s pay check.  Plus the interest which must be paid to the government’s creditors
  • Remember that you were voted in my millions of people who have to work long days (and sometimes 2 jobs) because they are overburdened in the taxes they pay. If they paid less tax, they would have more to spend and spending is good for the economy.
  • Right now, you probably have other people preparing your income tax return for you because your focus is on the American impact of global affairs. But don’t forget that millions of Americans will have to prepare increasingly complicated income tax returns.
  • Bureaucracy is costly. While a small part of the government’s bureaucracy   is Constitutionally necessary to run our country, simplicity and clarity should win out every single time. Your administration should model for American companies what a lean, efficient, spending-conscious organization should be like.
  • Your taxpaying public is made up of less well off people, middle class, and wealthy people. And all of those groups should be treated fairly and not punished. America is a land of opportunity, not class warfare.  We shouldn’t tax the rich just to give to the less well off. That is a form of tyranny of the majority toward the minority.  We all hope to someday do well, please don’t treat those folks who happen to be doing well like cash cows to be milked for the rest of Americans spending whims.

We’re a great nation in a world that is experiencing turbulent economic times, and our hard-working, taxpaying people are already suffering under a terrible tax burden. 

We need you to follow in the footsteps of our Founders and spend less on bailouts and things that will cause tax increases, and more on restoring the sense of limitless opportunity in this country!

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Live Help Available Monday thru Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM EST or Schedule a FREE Consultation Here »