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Are you trying to choose a tax attorney to fix your IRS tax problem but you’re concerned you can’t afford the cost?

Here’s a really good reason to pick me over my fellow attorney’s:

The money you’ll save on legal fees and the peace of mind of a capped legal fee.

Every day prospective clients ask me why they should hire me as their tax attorney over a competitor.  I share my qualifications and tell them the story of how I’ve built my tax law practice over 18 years by helping people win against the IRS.

But my clients get most excited when we talk money, especially when I tell them I offer a capped legal fee for handling their IRS tax problem.

Every tax attorney has an hourly rate and most also charge an initial retainer to begin work on your behalf.

We are different in an important way.

We offer qualified clients a capped legal fee. This is highly unusual of in my law specialty of IRS Tax Problems. It’s a simple solution that eliminates your worry about a bill you can’t afford, while also letting you save and budget to fix your tax problem. We also offer a lower retainer than our competitors and even let you charge your retainer and legal fees to your credit card.

We don’t offer a capped legal fee to everyone in every situation but the majority of our clients qualify for our legal capped fee.

If you’d like to see if you qualify for our capped legal fee for IRS Tax Problems Contact Jeff Fouts Tax Attorney to find out if you qualify for our capped legal fee. Just fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you right away. Any information you provide to us about your tax situation is confidential and we don’t charge for our initial consultation.

Until next time,

Jeff Fouts, Tax Attorney

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4 Responses to Need a Tax Attorney But Afraid You Can’t Afford to Hire One?

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  3. samantha says:

    Nice to know low cost lawyers exist.

  4. Fred says:

    Fighting the IRS is an uphill battle, they buried us in complex paperwork until we cried uncle and paid them the slave earnings.

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