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Jeff Fouts Tax Attorney: Far less than 1 percent of our clients make any kind of complaint with us.

A handful of people have posted negative anonymous comments about my tax law practice on the Internet (sites include ripoffreport dot com, complaintsboard dot com and scam dot com). At last count there were eight reviews.

Since we’re talking about eight online reviews it might seem like it’s not worth mentioning, especially when taken in context of the thousands of cases I’ve handled over 18 years. But when people say things anonymously that simply aren’t true, or greatly exaggerate a claim, I have to respond. This is my side of the story and I hope you’ll listen.

My name is Jeff Fouts and I’m a tax lawyer located in a small town called Ellijay north of Atlanta, Georgia. I help individuals and business owners with IRS Tax problems across the U.S. (and those in Georgia with state tax issues). I’ve helped clients in all 50 states and 21 foreign countries. I represent tax clients because I love solving tax problems and I’m not a fan of the IRS. I am proud of each victory I obtain for my clients.

Here are some facts about my firm:

  • I have scores of positive client reviews, a few of which I feature on my website.
  • I have an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.
  • I’m admitted to, and in ‘good standing’ of all applicable courts, including the United States Supreme Court, the United States Tax Court and the United States District Court (NDGA) (see this page for full court memberships).
  • You can check with the Attorney General’s office in all 50 states and you won’t find any case or judgements against me.
  • Far less than 1% of my clients have ever complained about my services
  • We bill honestly for our time
  • We offer low cost retainers (as little as $500) to make it easy for folks to start working with us (and get the protection offered by attorney-client privilege)
    • Since we ask for much lower retainers than most tax attorneys with my experience level, this also requires us to follow up with payment requests more frequently than other tax attorneys who charge $2,000 or $5,000 retainers
  • We offer fixed fees (also called capped fees) for as many clients as we can qualify so our clients know the full potential cost of their legal fees ahead of time.
    • This helps clients budget their legal fees and also removes the fear of unknown, or perceived ‘skyrocketing’ of legal fees.
  • Regardless of your background, race, sex, religion, legal or financial situation I treat people with respect and consideration.

Many of these things cannot be said for some of the firms you’ll find in Google search results alongside my practice. Don’t be misled into thinking I’m one of the splashy national firms that have given my law specialty of tax attorney’s a bad reputation, notably TV Lawyer Roni Lynn Deutch who was recently shut down, or nationwide tax firm JK Harris that recently settled with the Attorney General in the State of Texas for $1.2MM in fines and legal fees. The only stories you’ll read about me in the newspaper are where USA Today and ABC News quotes me on tax stories due to my tax expertise.

I know it’s impossible to satisfy everyone all of the time, but I still try. My goal is to get the very best solution I can for each client’s case. We’re not a big firm and we don’t lie or exaggerate the chances of your case’s success to earn or keep your business, and we only charge you for the work we do on your behalf.

Tomorrow I’ll post part two of my response, where I’ll talk about why I think people have made complaints against my firm.

Here’s part two.

Until next time,

Jeffrey I. Fouts, Tax Attorney
You can put off your tax problem, or put us to work.

Here’s a bio of sorts. I’m happily married with two kids. I’m a real small town tax lawyer (Ellijay, pop. 1,584) not some fictional marketing character. I represent tax payers before the IRS in all 50 states. I have 18 years experience, thousands of satisfied clients, about 8 critics at last count, and an A+ BBB Rating.

I’m a member in good standing of the bar and have active memberships in courts from Georgia to Washington D.C. My competitors covet my Google ranking but my clients covet my sound legal counsel. I deal directly with my clients and have a small, tireless staff. You can put off your tax problem, or put us to work.

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