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It used to be a sad fact that the IRS had a horribly old computer system. There was a justifiable fear that all their data would be corrupted or simply lost, which wouldn’t be good news for anyone.

Over the last decade Congress has thrown millions and millions, and more millions, of dollars at the IRS’ dire computer problem in an effort to modernize the aging system. They even created a special computer system to tax Bill Gates. Over the last few years there has been real evidence that the IRS has finally entered the modern computer age and online world.

The IRS is embracing social media and technology to help taxpayers file faster and get tax refunds quicker.

Electronics is helping and revamping taxpayers with the Irs2go app for smartphones including the iPhone and Android.

The Irs2go is just one of the conveniences of the modernized electronic filing, giving taxpayers refund status and tax tips with a tap.

Tax tips will be available on your phone, saving you from having to talk with a tax preparer or do research online. The IRS apps will provide a single source of searchable solutions.

By using Irs2go, instead of the IRS following you, you can follow the IRS in their processing of your tax return, a more advanced form of electronic filing.

The biggest benefit most people will appreciate is less waiting for your tax refund.

The online system that the IRS is working on now will replace their old legacy system which had a couple of weeks delay to receive your money. Tax refunds are now being processed in three days with just the new system.

The Irs2go app is just one piece of modernizing the electronic filing process that will move taxpayers beyond traditional paper tax filing channels.

P.S. While this is great news if you’re wanting to get your refund faster, it’s terrible news if you owe the IRS back tax debt. All this sophisticated mobile computing power also allows the IRS to cross check many different required tax filing items and to find you quicker. It also allows them to better find sources of income or assets to potentially garnish and seize. That’s where I and my law firm can help.

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Call (888) 995-6785

Live Help Available Monday thru Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM EST or Schedule a FREE Consultation Here »