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Attorney Lewis B. Freeman, who is a well-known fraud investigator, forensic accountant and lawyer, has sued the IRS in an attempt to combat the $4.8 million civil penalty the IRS has slapped him with. This Miami Florida based tax lawyer and forensic accountant made a name for himself representing high net work clients.

The IRS has accused Mr. Freeman of promoting abusive tax shelters in protest to unfair federal tax laws. The IRS has penalized him $1,000 for each of the 4,827 employees in the benefit plan which attempted to shelter income from taxation.

“This is like an episode from ‘The Twilight Zone,'” Freemen is quoted as saying in a recent online Forbes article.

In recent years the IRS has been accused of being too heavy-handed in its use of its power to massively penalize promoters of abusive tax shelters, especially in less severe situations or when the agency simply disagreed with an aggressive tax-saving strategy.

The Forbes article went on to say that Freeman is regularly quoted by journalists as an expert on fraud and white-collar crime. Freeman readily agreed that the mere existence of the litigation was embarrassing to him.

This is typical of the IRS, and the government in general. Once a government is given the authority and power to coerce or punish, it tends to use that power in a way that it was not originally intended, or in too harsh a manner.

Mr. Freeman has been sentenced to jail for 8 years for his fiduciary actions on behalf of his clients.

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7 Responses to IRS Slams Respected Attorney with $4.8 Million in Penalties

  1. A thorough investigation is needed for the FORECLOSURE FRAUD which is causing people to FALSELY lose ownership of their properties and become evicted; it cheats Investors, and certain mortgage companies. This fraud occurs when debt collector attorneys use underhanded tactics to secure title of a residence.

  2. Erik Roza says:

    I’ve just found this website while searching around the Internet as I am researching some material on debt relief! I cant believe he was fined 4.8 million in back taxes.

  3. I appreciate the information about proper implementation of tax law.

  4. Hola thanks for this blog post about IRS tax penalties for attorneys who misrepresent tax law.

  5. Sutton Law says:

    Sutton Law Group does not do tax cases, may we refer ours to you in Miami, Florida?

  6. Karen says:

    I am seeking a forensic accountant to analyze an Individual Master File – IMF- do you provide this service?

  7. Ira Marvin says:

    See the article detailing massive accounting fraud. IRS Slams Respected Attorney with $4.8 Million in Penalties and gets jail time for financial malfeasance.

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