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representative Phil Hart Have you ever tried to reason with a someone who is emotionally convinced they are right? No amount of logic or evidence can convince them they might be wrong. They remain firmly entrenched in their beliefs.

Some good folks believe that the IRS may be unconstitutional. But it doesn’t matter that they may be incorrect in their views. They’re convinced they are right and it is very difficult to convince them to the contrary.

Even Idaho’s Republican lawmaker Phil Hart believes the IRS is unconstitutional. As a result, he stopped paying his taxes to protest the IRS. Not surprisingly, the IRS wasn’t convinced by his position and they slapped a $300,000 tax lien on him. One would hope that an elected US government official would choose a different method to express his feelings than stop paying taxes, increasing the tax burden on his constituents.

Apparently Mr. Hart felt that it was alright for the people who elected him to pay his salary, benefits and social programs and he should not contribute. (Read the article at

What’s the lesson here? Taxpayers are free to believe that the IRS and the current system of taxation is unconstitutional, but believing that doesn’t make the IRS go away. The best way to change a system is to work to change the system using legal means, not by breaking the law, or causing the government to come after you.

It doesn’t help you, or change the tax laws, if you damage your financial life by having the IRS come collecting.

If you owe back taxes, you should strongly consider dealing with the IRS – sooner rather than later.

[Image source: Phil Hart Constitutional Income Book]

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One Response to Even if the IRS is Wrong – They Can Still Crush You.

  1. We vote for the Idaho Silverhood Statehood and Perpetual Infrastructure Act.

    This Tax Act will Create an Enduring Independent Economy Under the Public Silver Commodity Backed IntraState Exchange Bank of Idaho; Ensuring Protection against Private Global Corporate Charter Mongering, Global Central Banking Currency Devaluation and Fraud as well as Unconstitutional Controls of setting and selecting Every Value, Under a Secret Private Fiat System.

    In other words, more taxes will be used to let the government control banking.

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