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IRS Tax Audit Guides
Would you like to be prepared for your IRS audit by knowing the kinds of questions the IRS will ask you even before they arrive? Perhaps you’d like to know what areas the IRS studies for your specific business type?

If so, you’ll want to review the IRS Tax Audit Technique Guides, or ATG’s. They chronicle just this type of information by business type. Here are some examples of specific guides:

  • Architects and Landscape Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Business Consultants
  • Child Care Provider
  • Cash Intensive Business
  • Construction Industry
  • Veterinary Medicine

Here’s a specific example of the IRS ATG for architects and landscape architects View »

Even if the IRS hasn’t prepared a specific Audit Technique Guide for your business type, reading a guide for a similar business type will quickly acquaint you with the kinds of things the IRS looks for. Here are some examples of the topics discussed in the ATG’s:

  • Methods of accounting
  • How a business charges for their product or service
  • Typical business relationships and costs
  • Business structure
  • Expense reporting
  • Kinds of income
  • Personal Service Corporations
  • Information Document Request

The IRS is a well organized machine that has seen every imaginable kind of tax avoidance scheme you can think of, and many more that you haven’t. They have created guides for cash intensive businesses, in home businesses and international import export companies.

Don’t under estimate the IRS or think you’re going to outsmart them.

If you haven’t been playing by the rules, then it’s time to fix your business practices and get your IRS debts and penalties dealt with once and for all. You’ll sleep better at night and you’ll end up with a more well run and organized business if you do.

View a full list of IRS Audit Technique Guides here

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