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Have you seen the TV commercials where the advertiser says your IRS tax case will be resolved for ‘pennies on the dollar’?

Some of my former competitors that have had major legal and business problems with this practice include tax attorneys JK Harris, Roni Lynn Deutch and more recently TaxMasters.

In the case of JK Harris, they have a record of run-ins with State Attorney Generals in many states and most recently they settled a million dollar lawsuit in Texas for misleading sales practices. This month the JK Harris tax law firm filed for bankruptcy. Not exactly what you want in the team representing you before the IRS. The video below discusses the case, has statements from former clients, and the Texas State Attorney General.

This news is close on the heels of TV Lawyer Roni Lynn Deutch shutting down her national firm in California after continued pressure from the California State Attorney General for what amounts to poor business practices and broken promises. She surrendered her license to practice law and resigned from the state bar in May 2011

TaxMasters, another ‘big’ firm with TV advertising, is facing pressure of their own from State Attorney Generals for the same kinds of misleading advertising and sales practices where clients are promised a successful offer in compromise.

These tax firms all have something in common.

  • Poor BBB Ratings (Better Business Bureau)
  • News stories from reputable mainstream media citing repeated consumer issues with the company
  • Large numbers of complaints to State Attorney Generals about alleged illegal business practices

You won’t find any of those things about me or my team here at tax attorney Jeff Fouts and Associates. We have an A+ BBB rating, no complaints with the State Attorney General in any state and no bad press from mainstream media.

It’s often difficult for businesses to stay true to their original vision and ethics when they grow too fast or seemingly get greedy. I take a different approach with my tax law practice. That’s probably why we’re in our 18th year of service. We work hard for our clients and we fight the IRS even harder.

I have a small but tireless staff that are very experienced. Here’s an example. Dale is my Special Assistant and he’s one of the people you’ll speak with when you first contact my office. Dale’s been with my firm a long time, he knows your issues, he’s patient and understanding. He doesn’t make promises that I can’t keep and he follows up promptly to all your issues.

Pennies on the dollar

Pennies on the dollar is possible, but not because of some legal voodoo. Basically, the IRS determines what percentage of your outstanding tax liability it can reasonably collect in the next 2 years. This is called your “reasonable collection potential” and it’s why pennies on the dollar cases happen. Think about your ability to pay if you presently have a high income vs. if you’ve been out of work for six months and haven’t found a new job.

What we do here at my firm is a proper analysis of your case facts and history. My special assistant Dale will tell you that we can’t make any promises on your case, and can’t assess your chances of a successful offer in compromise case until I’ve completely reviewed your case facts. Even then, we don’t promise success. What I can do is promise that everyone on my team will do our best. With 18 years experience and and A+ rating with the BBB I’d encourage you to call us and find out if we can help you.

Until next time,

Jeff Fouts, Tax Attorney

Here’s a bio of sorts. I’m happily married with two kids. I’m a real small town tax lawyer, (Ellijay, pop. 1,584) not some fictional marketing character. I’ve represented tax clients against the IRS in all 50 states, and in 21 foreign countries. I have 18 years experience, thousands of satisfied clients, about 8 critics at last count, and an A+ BBB Rating.

I’m a member in good standing of the bar and have active memberships in courts from Georgia to Washington D.C., including the U.S. Supreme Court. My competitors covet my Google ranking but my clients covet my sound legal counsel. I deal directly with my clients and have a small, tireless staff of tax specialists.

You can put off your tax problem, or put us to work for you.

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